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  Power VTT Roll20 Fantasy Grounds
Application macOS, Windows, Linux Web only macOS, Windows, Linux
Cost FREE Free w/ ads, Paid $4.99/mo+ $139 standalone or paid monthly
Fog of War Yes Yes Paid only ($3.99/mo+)
Dynamic Lighting Yes Paid only ($4.99/mo+) Paid only ($3.99/mo+)
Dynamic Line of Sight Yes Paid only ($4.99/mo+) N/A
Save & Reuse Maps/Characters Yes No No
Basic Assets Included Yes Limited No
Map/Character Sheet Generators Yes No No
Host Unlimited Players Yes Yes Yes, but only if all players pay
Works Offline Yes No Limited
Map Layers Unlimited Some No
Storage Limit None 100MB-2GB None
Basic Rules Automation Yes No Yes
Turn/Combat Automation Yes No Yes
Audio/Sound FX Yes Yes No

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