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We're building the future of virtual tabletops

Powerful Map Builder

Save hours building complex maps with an editor that doesn't make assumptions about your setup. Need Fog of War? Simply add it. Want Dynamic Lighting? No problem. Power VTT even comes with free high-quality assets to help you get started.

Reusable Assets

Import your assets to The Vault and reuse sprites, audio, handouts, stories, monsters, NPCs, and characters (complete with character sheets) across any of your games. You can even export your custom maps to import into other games.

Play With Friends Coming Soon

See who's online and offline in an instant. Hovering over a character reveals commonly accessed stats. Clicking a character opens the character sheet. Easily create or invite new players to your game.

Better Automation Coming Soon

Create complex NPCs and monsters with complete character sheets in a fraction of the time. Automate rolling, damage, saves, and more. Save your NPCs and monsters to The Vault to use in other games.

Ready to roll?

We're currently in private beta. If you can't wait to get started, enter your email to receive an exclusive limited-release asset pack and reserve your spot on the invite list.