Virtual TableTop Satisfaction

We want to build Power VTT so that it’s fun, easy, and free for players to use. We’re thinking of offering hosting services for games for a low monthly subscription cost in order to support the continued development of the product. Subscription costs would only apply to GMs that want to host online games and players could “tip” or buy subscriptions for GMs that are worthy of the donation. Before we think any further into this idea, we want to hear your opinion.

In addition to helping us out, by completing the form below you will reserve your spot on the invite list and be automatically enrolled to receive free services when we launch.

It's FREE?

Absolutely. We don't believe in charging to unlock features. We want everyone to have a great tabletop experience.

After launch, we plan to launch a marketplace where we'll offer high-quality assets such as audio, graphics, stories, characters, items, and more to expand your tabletop experience. Content creators will also be able to make money by selling their content on our marketplace.

About Us

We're a couple of developers who really like playing tabletop games and have experience building fast, functional apps for the web. Talk to us on Twitter, we always welcome your feedback!

@tlackemann / @kurtiskemple